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Katmal Limited has been providing services to nuclear operators, local authorities and companies with interests in nuclear emergency planning zones since 2014. It provides the consulting services of Keith Pearce, who has many years of experience in public dose estimation, emergency preparedness and emergency response at senior level. The Company has worked for new build companies, nuclear generation companies, decommissioning sites, nuclear dockyards, local authorities, Health Physics Consultancies, property developers and leisure providers.

Katmal Limited is happy to tender for jobs lasting from half a day to a over a year and has worked on clients' sites or from its home base as required.

Katmal Limited is Joscar registered.

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Services from Katmal Limited

REPPIR Support to Nuclear Industry

REPPIR-19 has introduced significant changes to the expectations placed on duty holders with regard to risk assessment, setting the boundaries of detailed and outline planning, preparing on-site and off-site plans, co-operating, training, dose control and communication. The ONR are still reviewing and challenging REPPIR assessments. Having worked extensively on REPPIR-19 matters, Katmal Limited can provide a flexible, experienced and qualified resource to help you.

REPPIR support beyond Industry industry

Planning applications within nuclear sites' Detailed Emergency Planning Zones (DEPZ) may be affected by the requirements of REPPIR-19. Katmal Limited can provide advice to developers about how to manage these requirements.

Businesses within DEPZs are expected to have Business Continuity Plans and Radiation Emergency Response Plans and Local Authorities seem to be paying more attention to these, particularly in relation to planning applications. Katmal Limited can help you meet these requirements.

Independent Review/LFE

Using my experience of working on many different sites I can provide independent review of your plans and responses.

Are you ready for an audit visit from the regulators? Would you value a friendly review?

Is it time to review your BCM planning and your response to Covid-19? I can provide an independent Learning from Experience review.

Have you initiated your emergency scheme recently? Katmal Limited can help you capture any "Learning From Experience".

Training and workshops

Having been a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich for a number of years, and been head of Emergency Planning for 10 Magnox sites, Keith has a lot of experience of teaching and coaching.
Katmal Limited has organised and run workshops related to extendibility planning of off-site plans, and recovery planning for operating sites and run contingency plan exercises.

Site contingency plans

Katmal Limited has experience of developing site contingency plans, including the associated risk assessment, and introducing them to the site's work force in the form of discussions and exercises.

Writing Emergency Plans

Katmal Limited has considerable experience as an emergency plan author. If you run a company within a DEPZ and need a Radiation Emergency Plan we can write it, and associated Action Cards, for you.

Multi-customer jobs

Since a lot of the work to prepare emergency plans can be undertaken in common across a number of sites, Katmal Limited is willing to undertake contracts for work for a consortium of customers. We have experience of doing this for local authorities with EDF AGR sites, local authorities with nuclear submarine sites and local authorities with multiple sites.

ALARP Studies

Katmal Limited has experience of estimating on-site inhalation dose to workers and the effects of filtered ventilation and filtered air recycling in support of ALARP studies.

How can we help you?

With our experience, knowledge and networks we can probably help you with a range of issues related to emergency planning and radiological protection. Keith is happy to work at home, researching or writing/revising reports or to work in your offices should the project, or your security requirements, make that the best option. Contact us via E-mail

Katwab Limited is the publishing Company of Keith Pearce. It publishes books on nuclear emergency planning and related subjects.

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Nuclear Emergency Planning and Response

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How to survive a nuclear emergency

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The Physics of the Chernobyl accident


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